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During the years that I’ve been taught by Koon Yeow, I felt that he has been a patient,friendly and approachable tutor. He had creative methods to address my areas of weaknessin the various subjects that he taught me, such as

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As a parent, I found Koon Yeow to be a dedicated and patient tutor. He is good in helpinghis students build strong foundations in the respective subjects he taught. Moreover, hehas innovative methods of addressing their weak areas in the

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I have been Koon Yeow’s student for about 3 years since the year 2010. He had been a great help to me in Mathematics and Science as I prepared for my GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels examinations. Koon Yeow is

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7 years ago, Koon Yeowhelped me ace my A and E math for O levels. He was always patient and explained each topic that I was weak in in ways that I could understand well. He always knew which topics

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I was failing in class, but thanks to Koon Yeow, I was able to do well for my exams. He has always been helpful and willing to sacrifice his time for me when I need it. He is patient as

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‘A’ Level Biology

‘A’ Level Biology \\ \\

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‘O’ Level Emaths

‘O’ Level Emaths \\ \\ <br />

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‘A’ Level Chemistry

‘A’ Level Chemistry AMath Example 1 Chemistry Example 1   Atomic Structure & the Periodic table Key points: (1)        Atom – the most basic building block of elements/compounds (2)        An atom is very small. 12 g of carbon contains 6

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AMath Example 1

Differentiation & Applications (1). A particle travels in a straight line, starting from rest at point A, passing through point B and coming to rest again at point C. The particle takes 5s to travel from A to B with

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