Practise Questions (Basic) – Ammonia

Practise Questions (Basic) – Ammonia

Practise questions (Basic) are designed to ensure that students are aware of the basic concepts of the topic. This should be the first step that students undertake while revising for their chemistry examination. For the O Level examination, these basic concepts will be tested although questions will not be straight forward and students will need to be able to apply these concepts to solve the questions. For the chapter of ammonia, there are fewer questions as this is a relatively small chapter and the scope is much narrower.

(1): State the optimal conditions for the Haber process.

(2): Describe how the raw materials of the Haber process, hydrogen and nitrogen, are obtained.

(3): Other than the Haber process, describe another method in which ammonia can be produced.

(4): Describe a test for ammonium ions.

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