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I have been Francis’s student for about 3 years since the year 2010. He had been a great help to me in Mathematics and Science as I prepared for my GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels examinations. Francis is a wonderful tutor who is fully committed to the students he tutors, understanding them and their preferred methods of learning and adapting his teachings accordingly to suit their needs, to maximise their learning and understanding. Francis had also kept me well motivated by giving genuine encouragement and rewarding me at times for my studying. Personally, he has also been a good friend to me, relating to my interests and this had at the same time served as more motivation for me to work hard in tuition. Because of his excellent tutoring, my parents have also arranged for Francis to continue to help by tutoring my younger sibling. In conclusion, Francis’s commitment and great knowledge of what he teaches are some good points he has that can make him an effective tutor and also a good personal friend to his students.

Bryan Soh Jing Yu, 2010-2012, E.Maths, A.Maths, Science (Physics-Chemistry), H2 Maths, H2 Chemistry
St Gabriel’s Secondary School

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